The Team


Edmund Anderson

A 30 year Professional focused on Project Development, through systems design and integration, Edmund has a passion for keeping processes simple, building long term relationships in Industry.

As a Technical Manager, with a strong focus towards collaborative data collection and management through efficient use of software and IT based systems, Edmund is principally responsible for the development oversight of the company’s Business management systems. Employed globally at all levels of the Companies Project Study processes, through financial close, as well into project execution and Operations, the systems provide for effective communication between team members and client representatives.

Strong Skills in Project Management, Contract negotiations, as well contract execution, Edmund believes effective communications is the basis of a projects success. A regular speaker at Technical seminars demonstrating learnings and sharing insights of how to best value add throughout the Design, Build and Operations processes of a Projects life cycle.

Having developed a passion for the future of protein Edmund has a hands on knowledge of the Breeding and rearing of the Black Soldier fly. With a fundamental understanding of the Design requirements associated with Scaling-up of the industry, Edmund brings a unique insight as to how it is possible to advance the success of Alternative protein within the Feed and Food industries.